We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new exchange student.  Enya arrived from Germany at the end of August and has now been placed with her first host family.  Enya loves the outdoors and horseback riding.  We're looking forward to getting to know her better.
Meet our New Exchange Student Kimberley Dominguez 2018-09-07 06:00:00Z 0
2017/2018 was a great year for Rotary Millenium, due, in large part to Tamara's great leadership. Under Tamara, our group focus changed to community service and with that change we welcomed many new members to our club. Tamara brought much needed structure and process to how we run our club administration. She made these changes while still maintaining fun and dynamic meetings every week (although we all mourn the loss of desert!) The membership survey showed that we all really enjoy going to our meetings and that we actually seem to like each other's company. What more could a club ask for. So thank you Tamara and welcome on-board Wendy. We're looking forward to another great year.
Thanks for a great year Tamara Kimberley Dominguez 2018-09-06 06:00:00Z 0
The Centre for Newcomers is a key not-for-profit resource centre for Calgary’s immigrants and refugees of all nationalities to receive settlement and integration services and information.
Founded in 1988, the Centre provides training programs and collaborative support services to promote full integration, cultural diversity, community participation, and citizenship, for more than 10,000 newcomers each year.
At the Centre for Newcomers, you will find a full suite of cost-free services and programs:
English Language Program (LINC)
Settlement and Integration Services
Career Development and Job Search
Canadian Business Essentials for Accountants 
EthniCity Catering Work Experience
Youth Program
Volunteer Development
Multicultural Peer Mentorship for Professionals 
Our staff offer services in more than 25 languages, including French, Amharic, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and many others.
The next special events are October 24th with the National Arts Centre and November 9th for Women in Business.
If you know of any newcomers to Canada who could use a little help living in Calgary please tell them about the centre located at 999 36th Street NE.
For more information please visit centrefornewcomers.ca.
Michael Dowling thanked the speaker, Mr. Ayo Kayode, with a certificate from Operation Eyesight International, which documented our donation of assistance in the restoration of eyesight to a recipient suffering from a preventable blindness condition.
Centre for Newcomers 2017-10-18 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dianne Robson
This is my friend Deb who helped us at the last casino because I was on my world tour.  She also helps us out at the food bank events whenever asked.  She is a regular volunteer for the downtown food bank facility.
Deb trained very hard for the Ride to End Cancer, including rabid fundraising, and biked both days.  
I cheered her on southbound and her family caught up with her at the start and finish line on both days.  
I think Deb has earned at least one slice of pie!
T'is the time of the season for piiiiiiiiiie!
Jibber Jabber Dianne Robson 2017-09-03 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dianne Robson
The reviews are in and this pie is the pie of the year.  
Despite the warm day the pastry was remarkable.  
The berry and apple filling was fresh and yummy.  
What more can one say?  
Congrats!  Kim, you are hired!
piedoc Dianne Robson 2017-09-01 06:00:00Z 0
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Posted by Dianne Robson on May 24, 2017
Tim Barnes founded the organization MoreThanAid to make a big difference in the lives of girls and women.  He described the work and success of his project in Malawi, Africa.  In one year he has helped 30 people/families improve their lives by using the skills they already have.  
Please visit Www.facebook.com/MoreThanAid and https://youtu.be/rKAiYUV9KqY for more information.  
Tim feels confident there is a way to get the Rotary club involved in what we are up to.  Check out the attached l information to provide more specifics.  The PDF actually has the projects his organization is looking for help on.  
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