Dr. Ralf Dubienski for HOPEthiopia
Dr. Ralf Rubienski spoke to us on December 17 2014 about HOPEthopia.  He and his wife Glenda have been actively working to further this cause since 2008.
HOPEthiopia is all about bringing HOPE (where HOPE stands for Home of Providence / Prayer / Power Ethiopia) and restoration to the orphaned children and homeless retired pastors of Ethiopia.  
Ethiopia is a land that has been greatly blessed with geographical, ecological, and cultural diversity, in large part due to its rich history. However, this blessing has come with incredible costs. The land and the people have had to withstand terrible wars and disasters, and in the more recent generations, the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. As a result of these challenges, Ethiopia is faced with the reality of a great number of orphaned children and homeless citizens.  
It is with these conditions in mind that HOPEthiopia is working with participating Ethiopian citizens to create an environment of hope and restoration for both the people and the land. Addressing the concerns of Community, Agriculture, Reforestation, and Land Reclamation HOPEthiopia is helping to realize the Revival of a nation.