Welcome to the March 2, 2016 meeting of the Rotary Club of Calgary Millennium.

President Chris opened the meeting in the Monarch Room. Glenn Dmetrichuk said Grace. Suzanne, our secretary-in-training led the singing of Oh Canada. Treasurer Dale introduced the visitors and guests.  President Chris did the S@A honours.  



  • Peter Singleton
Rotarian Guests:
  • Bill Skinner - Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park
  • Leon Popik - Rotary Club of Calgary South
  • Marmie Hess - Rotary Club of Calgary South
  • Dilan Perera - Rotary Club of Calgary South 
The District Conference for 2016 will be held in Canmore May 13 to 15.  
We are still waiting to confirm our next Speakers Series event because it will be part of our major fundraising for 2016.  Date and time of day are open in order that we can be flexible with a high profile speaker.  I'm hoping for Batman, but that also is up in the air.  
Our outbound YEX student, Jared Pon, will be visiting our club on March 23.  
There is a move a foot to establish a Rotary Day sometime in April.  All clubs will come together and we should bring guests.  
Bill Skinner, from Heritage Park, updated us on the Guatemala project.  We have committed $5000 for 2016.  Some of the 2015 has spilled over to this year due to timing and availability of workers and supplies.  The projects have grown to include latrines, water filters and village savings and loans (a local version of micro-credit).  
Glenn Dmetrichuk is our Program Director extraordinaire.  If you have any program ideas please contact him.