While one person can't do all the volunteer shifts, most of us can do one shift.
This approach during COVID is proving to be extraordinary in its simplicity. Rotary Clubs of Calgary are participating in "Shift Sharing" at various organizations requiring volunteer participation around Calgary.
Clubs were finding they weren't able to maintain the number of volunteers required for various reasons due to COVID restrictions, age exclusions, personal exemptions, or ability.  By coming together and organizing the clubs to take part in Shift Sharing, the needs of the community are being met while including as many Rotarians who are able. 
The coming together of clubs, not only benefits the not-for-profit sector but also brings together Rotarians from across the city to build friendships, connections, conversation and camaraderie.  And who knows what that can lead to!  Next in the planning is a large District Grant project with all Calgary Clubs participating - which will be amazing?!